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      Jon Snow's Fate Revealed: GoT S06E02 Review!

      By Nirmalraj

      Spoilers Ahead! Read at your own risk!

      So finally the wait is over and the fans can breathe a sigh of relief!

      This week's episode has been so intense, that we could never look back at the things the same way again!

      jon snow

      Jon Snow is alive(well sort of we think)!, but hey, we have been right all along! Melisandre resurrecting Jon Snow from his death, was the major fan theory that was circulating the internet for the past one year and kudos to the crew for not spoiling the thing!

      This is why we love the Game of Thrones, the cliffhangers and the tension they bring to the audience, at the end of every episode is definitely worth the wait!

      Wow! The much-talked about theory has finally been clarified and Jon Snow has returned alive (although not sure if he'll be himself or like a mixed breed of white walkers and human or a walking dead zombie warrior) and the episode had plenty to offer other than the big reveal!

      tyrion lannister

      The scenes from Meeren with Tyrion trying to free the dragons and the whole situation, was a visual treat for us. We must surely admit Peter Dinklage's acting prowess here once again, with just a green screen beside him, his acting alone has won him a huge fan base worldwide.

      How can we ignore the hungry dragons locked up in the dungeon by their mother! The dragons and Tyrion almost stole the episode if it wasn't for Jon Snow!

      Well, we must say we got to see the ugly face of Ramsay, once again. Should we say, we loved his scenes or feel sorry for the character he brutally killed in his given screen time? Either way it was a win for the Boltons, after Myranda died at the hands of Theon.

      Finally, we see Ned Stark after almost 4 Seasons! Well not exactly the old and grumpy Sean Bean but the younger version of himself playing with his siblings and thanks to Bran, we get to see his visions!

      Wow! What an intense episode it has been, like we said this season is set to resolve many cliffhangers, the series has been building for the past 5 Seasons. Although this Season opened to mixed reviews for the first episode, the second episode delivered the punch all the GoT fans love!

      Were you guys rooting for Jon Snow to come alive? Hit the comment section to share your views.

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