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Here Are All The Interesting & Fun Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio!

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One of the most talented and good looking actors of Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio is every girl's dream man. He's also known outside the showbiz world for his philanthropic works. You need to know these interesting & fun facts About Leonardo DiCaprio!

The 41 years old actor received the Golden Globes, yesterday, January 11, 2016 for his role in the movie 'The Revenant'. It was Leonardo's third Golden Globes. Though the actor has never won the Academy Award, he's appreciated worldwide for his brilliant acting skills.

He Can Speak Fluent German

Yes, he can nail the German language, too. His mother is originally from Germany.

He Has A Cute Pet

Unlike other celebrities who own dogs and cats as their pets, the 'Titanic' actor owns a giant pet tortoise.

He's A father!

Yes, he's technically a father to a girl in Africa. While in Africa he adopted a girl from a local orphanage. He sends her money regularly and speaks to her over the phone.

How He Got His Name

When Leonardo's mother was still pregnant with him, she was once looking at Leonardo Da Vici's paintings. The baby kicked from inside the stomach and the mother decided to name her son after the famous artist.

He Has His Own Coffee Business

Leonardo owns his fair trade Coffee company named after his foundation.

He Has Donated Millions For Charity

Leonardo had donated $3 million to saving ocean wildlife, $3 millions to saving tigers in Nepal and much more.

Leonardo & Kate

The 'Titanic' co-actors, Leonardo and Kate Winslet helped pay the old age fees of the last living Titanic survivor so that she wouldn't sell her mementos.

Whao! The Face

Once a lady in a night club smashed Leonardo DiCaprio in the face with her glass. She was arrested and imprisoned for two years.

Leonardo's OCD

Leonardo has an OCD, too and it is avoiding walking or stepping on the sidewalk cracks.

He's A Survivor

He once survived a shark attack. It is not clearly known if it was during a shoot or while on a vacation.

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So little did we know about Leonardo until we went through these facts about the actor! His life has always been very private. Also, did you know that his father is an underground comic artist, dealer and seller of comic books? Wow, that tells us where Leonardo gets his sense of humor from.

Yesterday, January 11, 2016, at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony, Lady Gaga bumped into the actor while walking to the stage to collect her award. The singer wouldn't turn and apologize, but the face Leonardo made at the moment has become the most most spoken topic on the internet.

He initially started off his career by acting in commercials and playing minor roles in the commercial movies. Apparently, he was hand-picked among 400 boys by the director Robert De Niro for his movie 'The Boy's Life'.

Leonardo got recognized through this movie. When the 1994 superhit 'Titanic' was nominated for the Academy Awards, Leonardo refused to go to the award ceremony as he wasn't nominated individually. James Cameron called him 'Spoiled punk' for this.

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