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    Hollywood Celebrities With Unexpected Hidden Talents

    By Chaitra K

    There is no dearth of talent in the movies or shows. Celebrities always succeed in amusing us with their on-screen skills. But we have a list of Hollywood celebrities with hidden talents which come across as most unexpected.

    For instance, do you know that Chrissy Teigen is an amazing cook? She might be a supermodel with a body that seems to be maintained only with greens and liquids, but the wife of singer John Legend has brilliant cooking skills and will also be releasing her own cookbook.

    Michael Jackson

    The pop star had a thing for drawing chairs. He drew chairs with faces on them.

    Angelina Jolie

    Not only is Angelina an extremely talented actress, but she is also collects daggers and is a knife throwing specialist. Her unexpected talents must have really helped while filming her stunt scenes.

    Justin Bieber

    The 'Sorry' singer might have made some not so great music earlier, but the singer can solve a Rubik's cube in less than two minutes!

    Jennifer Garner

    You wouldn't believe what Jennifer Garner is good at besides acting. This beauty can play the saxophone, so could the former president Bill Clinton.

    Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis is not only an amazing action star, but a great harmonica player too.


    The singer has a very eccentric talent of making crafts out of her fans' teeth. She's made a bra, earnings, headgear and necklace!

    Harrison Ford

    Besides flying the Millenium Falcon on-screen, Harrison Ford flies aircraft and helicopters in real life.
    He's also helped rescue the stranded hikers at many occasions.

    Emma Stone

    The American Story actress has the talent to impersonate any crying baby. Maybe you should call her next time when your wouldn't stop crying.

    Amanda Seyfried

    The actress who touched her boobs and told the weather forecast in the movie 'Mean Girls', is actually a trained knitter in real life.

    Kristen Stewart

    The poker face actress Kristen is an excellent juggler in real life.

    Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dog is more than just a musician. He's a professional football coach. He has coached both his sons' football teams.

    Didn't they surprise you? For all these years we only watched them shine bright on-screen. Actors like Harrison Ford are heroes in real life too. He has lent his pilot service to organizations when in need of external help to rescue people.

    While, the other celebrities like Kesha, have talent that is rather shocking. Imagine making bras and headgear out of strangers' teeth and carrying it on your body? Apparently, Kesha had to leave this talent behind when the lab refused to take human remains.

    The 'Fast and Furious' actor who recently slammed body-shaming critics through his Instagram selfie is a trained game designer. He's opened his own gaming development house to create a Riddick based game.

    But the most weirdest of weird talents among the Hollywood celebrities is Michael Jackson's. The pop star's lawyer found many sketches of chairs with faces. He imagined chairs with human facial features and put it on the paper.

    These celebs sure do have some unexpected hidden talents that are as shocking and surprising at the same time. It's time they started displaying them on-screen and not just while driving or having a glass of wine with the family.

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