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Hollywood Celebs Who Received The Most Strange Presents From Fans!

Written By: Chaitra
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When you're famous, you're bound to receive gifts from your admirers or haters. Here are the Hollywood celebrities who received the most strange presents from their fans.

Just the idea of receiving such creepy and disgusting presents brings chills to the body, imagine what these stars would have felt being on the receiving end:

Avril Lavigne

When Avril Lavigne was touring Japan, someone sent her a dead rabbit!

Jared Leto

A crazy fan sent Jared an ear! He preserved it and began wearing it like a necklace by punching a hole through the top.

Dolly Patron

A fan once sent Dolly Patron a live baby. The box with the baby was placed in her doorstep and had a note that read, she should take care of it.


Kesha's fans used to send her teeth! She received so many teeth that she made necklaces and a bra with of it.

Zac Efron

The High School Musical star received a piece of skin by a fan, which supposedly was from the fan's body.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift once received a turtle shell with her face painted on it.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe received a photograph which displayed two men standing in front of his own house holding bottles of milk!

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter actress was sent bibles by her fans or haters who felt she wasn't godly enough in the movie.

Robert Pattinson

When Pattinson was trying to quit smoking, he used to chew toothpicks. Once he received thousands of those by a fan.


Beyonce once received a a jar of petroleum jelly. No note was attached to the present, so one can't say why Queen B received that!

One Direction

The all boys band once received a box full of tampons! Well, that was stupid!

We definitely pity these celebrities, don't you? Receiving a human ear dripping with blood could be the worst nightmare. You would be even more surprised to know what present the K-pop star Taecyeon got.

A fan sent him a letter written with her own menstrual blood. Like that wasn't disgusting enough, the letter had pubic hair strands sprinkled all over it.

Some fans are obsessed with their favorite celebrities. They can't do anything but think about them. But, when they don't get what they want from their stars, they go nuts and do extreme things.

For instance, the singer and musician once received a letter by a fan that was laced with Sulfuric Acid. The fan hoped it would splash over her and would hurt the singer.

But fortunately, the cops were called and it was taken care of by the authorities. Well, sending a photo taken in front of the favorite celebrity's house is better than trying to kill them!

A crazy fan, who was also an aspiring musician sent the singer Jennifer Lopez his naked pictures. He wouldn't stop at that. He went ahead and sued Jennifer Lopez for sexual harassment!

The case was of course dismissed. These are just a few incidents. Celebrities around the world are constantly subject top such bizarre and creepy experiences. If you have a similar story to share with us, leave a comment below.

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