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Check Out : Hollywood's Highest Paid Actors and Actresses of 2015

Written By: Nirmalraj
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Hollywood movies are so awesome that with the help of technologies they make awe-inspiring movies and this has won them many fans globally. The face of Hollywood movies is obviously the actors and actresses.

Without them, movies wouldn't have been possible, sure there are directors, story writers, musicians and a whole lot of others who are involved in the making of a movie, but ultimately, what the audience sees are the actors and not the people behind the scenes.

Ever wondered how much do these actors and actresses earn from their movies. Well that depends on how the movie performs at the box office, thanks to the fans! But, the real question here is how much is an actor paid to act in a movie regardless of the fact if the movie performs well at the box office or not.

Based on the list given out by Forbes, the highest paid actors and actresses in Hollywood are:

Robert Downey Jr

Arguably the highest paid actor in the world, including all other film industries. Robert Downey Jr made a fortune when he signed on to play Ironman. He made more than any other actor third time in a row, thanks to his association with Marvel and his role in the movie, the actor has earned a $80 million pay check for his superhero movies.

Jennifer Lawrence

The 25-year-old actress is the highest paid actress in the industry. Her role in The Hunger Games trilogy as Katniss Everdeen propelled a pay check to fatten up her wallet. She is paid a handsome $ 52 million as her pay check.

Jackie Chan

Everyone's favourite action-hero Jackie Chan is second in the list of highest paid actors in Hollywood. He gets paid a Staggering amount of $50 million. His latest movie 'Dragon Blade' gave him the boost in his cash flow a mighty lift. The movie grossed a staggering $120 million in China alone.

Scarlet Johansson

The gorgeous lady is the second in the list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Her role as Black Widow/Natasha in the Marvel Avengers movies has given her more genres to try and her first solo action movie Lucy grossed $459 million, which skyrocketed the actress's pay roll to $35.5 million.

Vin Diesel

The Riddick actor secured the third spot in the list. His super-fast ascend to one of the highest paid actors of this year is mainly due to his lead role in the hit franchise Fast and the Furious. His pay check is only 3 million behind that of Jackie Chan.The latest installment of the movie grossed over $1.5 billion, of which only 23% were from the United States and the rest of it from around the world.

Melissa McCarthy

The 41-year-old actress received her highest pay check till date of $23 million. Two of her movies Spy and Tammy combined, have grossed over $335 million. The comic actor has started her own fashion brand as well.

Bradley Cooper

The blue-eyed actor is next to Vin diesel in terms of getting a huge pay check. His pay check is a little over $40 million. The performance of this amazing actor can deliver a punch or be as light as a feather. His Oscar-worthy performance in 'American Snipper' won many hearts.

Fan Bingbing

Perhaps the only non-american actress to be in the top five of the highest paid actresses list. She has acted in one of the biggest studios, Marvel for the movie X-Men: Days of The Future Past. Her pay check is $21 million.

Adam Sandler

Although his movie 'Pixels' performed decently at the box office, Adam Sandler is yet to get a blockbuster hit in the recent years. The actor bags an astonishing $41 million as a pay check. Thanks to netflix for signing in on four movies with Sandler.

Jennifer Aniston

She is one of those few actors who does a handful of movies yet gets a hefty pay check. Her recent mediocre success in Horrible Bosses-2 and We're The Millers saw the actress carry a pay check worth $16.5 million, thanks to her endorsements.

Regardless of how much an actor makes out of a movie, the movie depends on various other factors like story, screen play, sfx and many more. Why does an actor get paid such a huge amount of money? It is because of his/her popularity and fan base. Working under big banners will sure do a bucket load of fortune for the actor.

Actors like Robert Downey Jr and Jennifer Lawrance have delivered exceptional performances in terms of gathering a good fan base, all credits to the production studios like Marvel. There are many other actors who really give their heart and soul to play the part like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey among others.

Imagine Leonardo Dicaprio as Ironman or Robert Downey Jr in Inception. It's very hard to imagine it isn't it? That's the type of acting and screenplay, which makes an actor what he is today.

Now that we have top 5 highest paid actors and actresses in the Hollywood industry. It's time to look forward to see who would be holding on to their ranks, who would decline and who would rise.

Who do you guys think will top the list next year? Hit the comment section to share your thoughts on this one.

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