James Franco Admits He Is Pretty Bad In The Romance Department

    James Franco reveals that he has always struggled to get along and impress his girlfriend's father, much similar to the role he is playing in his latest film Why Him.

    By Monojit

    Renowned American actor and film-maker James Franco, who plays the character of Laird Mayhew in his latest film titled, Why Him, says that he is playing the character similar to his real self, in the movie.

    The movie is all about a Silicon Valley billionaire, who tries his best to win over the father of his girlfriend, but fails every time.

    James Franco

    Franco says that he is similar to the character in the movie and has always failed to impress his girlfriend's father in real life.

    "No fathers have disliked me like Brian's character dislikes me in this movie but there's been a mother or two that just didn't like me," James said in a statement.

    "I remember being very young and throwing pebbles at somebody's window and the mother coming out and treating me like a bum -- 'Get out of here, you scum!'" The actor added.

    James Franco also reveals that these days he is not very good at sweeping romantic gestures to his ladies as he was during his teenage years. He says now he is pretty bad in the romance department.

    "I've been pretty bad in the romance department," said James Franco

    "I think I'm a caring guy, but the grand gestures I'm not great at. I need to put more work into it." He added further.

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