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The Versatile Heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio's Almost Oscar-winning Performances

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We all love Leonardo DiCaprios's performances as an actor. The whole world loves this blonde guy! From What's Eating Glibert Crape to the latest The Revenant, many noteworthy performances have kept the viewers around the world in anticipation for the ever elusive Oscar, for our beloved Leo.

Well, finally Leo has fulfiled his 22-year-old dream of holding the golden statuette, and is now basking in the warm glory and blessing of his well-wishers and fans throughout the world. Here are some of the roles that were worthy of an Oscar but didn't make it to the big arena.

1. Titanic

One doesn't speak about Leonardo DiCaprio without talking about Titanic. This James Cameron movie in 1997, gave both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio a huge breakthrough in the Hollywood industry and took Leo to the A-list actors. Although there wasn't any body building or weight loss exercises put in by the lead roles, it was just pure charisma he expressed in the movie that won the hearts of many critics.

2. Shutter Island

This movie by Martin Scorsese had Leo and Ben Kinsley working together for the first time. His performace in this neo-noir psycological thriller has everyone's reviews pamper Leo with amazing reviews and much acclaimed director had found the right guy to play the lead role. Another deserving mention for Leo's Oscar-worthy performance.

3. The Departed

Yet another Martin Scorsese movie starring both Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Daemon in the lead roles. Although Leo was known for charming roles in the beginning, he played an upright cop in a undercover mission to infiltrate the Cortel mafia.

4. Catch Me If You Can

This racy movie based on true events has the legandary actor Tom Hanks play alongside Leonardo. Leo's role and acting deserves more praise than it actually got.

5. The Aviator

Based on a true story this movie truly showcased Leo's dedication to the role. Leo spent months learning the mannerisms of Howard Hughes and executed it with utmost perfection.

6. Inception

If there's one actor that would carry the role so gracefully, it would be none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. This story took almost 10 years to write and finish,and the final movie was as if it was written for the sole purpose of Leo's acting prowess.

7. Django Unchained

This is the movie that showed the world that Leonardo can be a badass too. His take on the outright Villian has won many hearts of the critics and fans, alike.

8. The Wolf Of Wall Street

This was truly Leo's film. He was so full of charisma in this one. He has truly enjoyed making this movie and it is very evident in his performance.

9. The Great Gatsby

This period movie has all the necessary, drama, emotion and mind-blowing acting by Leonardo and the amount of production efforts that have gone into making this movie, is a sheer pleasure to watch.

10. Blood Diamond

This movie is totally out of Leo's league. Movie that portays the stories of South African diamonds and the politics and the slavery of that time. Leo has done an exceptional job playing one of the lead actors in this movie.

Leo is known for his powerful performances and lengthy dialogues which he performs with such ease. All of Leo's Oscar nominated roles had something to do with charisma, and the powerful & lengthy jaw-dropping dialogue delivery.

This year Leo chose to go silent, and has spoken hardly a few sentences in his latest flick. He said in an interview that he wanted to talk less and instead explore human emotions and boy, did he bring it to the big screens!

It was a masterpiece performance that absolutely nailed the Oscars. If the academy hadn't acknwolwdged his performance by awarding him, then all would have surely said that the academy was insane for ignoring this heartthrob's brilliant performance.

Every movie lover, definitely knows the level of commitment Leo puts in for his roles, lets hope that he delivers even better performances in the future.

If you feel that there are other performances of Leo that deserve an Oscar, head on to the comment box and leave your comments.

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