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Top Hollywood Movies Of The 20th Century That Predicted the Future Right!

Posted By: Nirmalraj
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    Nobody can predict the future. That's why it's the future!

    There are a few Hollywood movies that were ahead of its time, meaning the technologies depicted in the movie didn't exist at that time, they show cased the tech of the future!Although most of them were exaggerated, some of the technologies shown in the films have become a reality today.


    Let's dive in to see those films that predicted the future right!

    Number 1 on the list is undoubtedly,

    Back To The Future II (1989)

    This movie showcases the character's time travel to the 21st century and to the year 2015! In the movie the characters of the future timeline have wearable tech on them all the time (smart watch), like goggles for computing(google glasses and oculus rift), hover boards, self-tying shoe laces (Nike's latest shoes), flat TV, 3D movies and in one scene it can be seen that the Star Wars Episode VII by Disney!


    Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)

    This movie was the first to show the hand-held devices like PDAs and tablets, it was also the first to show an android. Like in the movie, the future come true. Today we have tablets, laptops and smart phones, pretty much every gadget shown in the film, exist today.


    Total Recall (1990)

    In this classic Sci-Fi Thriller, it takes place in the future and there are self-driving cars depicted in the movie, and today we have those self-driving cars becoming a reality, thanks to google.


    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

    Video calling and interactive interface were shown almost half a century ago! Today we have Skype and Siri that make it possible. Not just that the movie had many other tech that alter came into being, some of them were personal TV's embedded to airplane seats for entertainment and Tablet Computing have also appeared in the film.


    Minority Report (2002)

    Gesture-based interface was so futuristic until the recent times, but the 2002 movie showcased several touch based interface on computer screen where one can pinch to zoom and rotate to move the image and so on. This movie accurately predicted the gesture-based user interfaces long before touchscreens and motion-sensing inputs became common. It also introduced the concept of facial recognition in the big screens.


    Women On Moon (1929)

    This is the oldest Sci-Fi movie that predicted the future right! Although it was a woman who first landed on moon, it is the idea that counts, the movie shows the woman and her son landing on moon.


    Blade Runner (1982)

    This movie showed the digital billboards that were hung on towers, today we can find these digital billboards almost in every major city. Blade Runner introduced the idea of a digital billboard to the general public at large.


    Last, but not the least, this one is very special as this one is from the 1962 cartoon series.

    The Jetsons.

    The cartoon has automated vaccum machines and there were several technologies that were ahead of its time like video chat, tanning beds, a TeleViewer (similar to an iPad).A lot of other Sci-Fi movies have also got some of the future parts right, but we felt the technologies shown in the above list have revolutionized the future to where we are today, in a way these gadgets and concepts have been sort of an inspiration to the R&D departments of the tech giants.


    What do you think of this list, hit the comment box to share your views.

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