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Shocking Stories About Celebrities Who Have Been Sexually Abused

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Sexual assault, rape and similar actions are often a very hush hush topic in the society. But, these celebrities who have been sexually abused have a number of shocking stories associated to them.

It takes more than just courage for a victim of sexual abuse to open up about what they've gone through. Some get past the memories early by talking about it, while some suffer for years by keeping it within:


When the singer first moved to New York City, she was raped by a man on the rooftop of a building.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown might not find this negative, but he had sexual intercourse with his 14 years old baby sitter when he was just 8!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah was sexually abused for years by a family friend and her cousin years apart.


Kesha said the record producer Dr.Luke forced himself upon her several times. He also forced her to lose weight.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga admitted that her song 'Swine' describes her feelings after she was raped in the late 90s.

Queen Latifah

The rapper Queen Latifah was sexually assaulted as a child by her male baby sitter.

Shia LaBeouf

The actor claims that once a woman entered his private room and forced him to have sexual intercourse with her.

R. Kelly

The singer R. Kelly was sexually assaulted by a friend of his mother's for years.

Ozzy Osbourne

The rock artists was bullied as a child and molested daily by two male school mates.

Tyler Perry

The American actor and screenwriter admitted in Oprah Winfrey's talk show that he was sexually abused as a child.

It definitely took a lot of time for the above celebrities to open about about their experiences. It wasn't until Oprah rose to fame that she told the world about being the victim of sexual abuse.

So did Madonna, she had hidden the secret everybody for years due to feeling hopeless. It is really important to support the victims of any act as they prefer keeping it within themselves.

Queen Latifah couldn't have got over the brutal experience if only she hadn't asked for helped. She found the tell her parents about the incident and turned to therapy to ease the pain.

Some artists like R. Kelly who was abused as a child, did the same to others when he grew up. He is accused for sexually assaulting children.

Studies show that a victim of a certain act is more likely to be an accused doing the same thing to others. It could be the trauma they were subject to as the victims that makes them assault someone else.

Majority of us only knew one side of Kesha's story behind her rehabilitation program. Apparently, when she was abused by the director who constantly forced himself upon her, the action triggered her to go on extreme diet to lose weight.

She eventually ended up in a rehab seeking therapy. But, she later spoke about it and told the world that she wouldn't ever change herself for anyone.

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