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Did You Know These Celebrities Were Gay!

Written By: Nirmalraj
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Being with someone you love is very difficult, considering the various factors involved.

Imagine being in love with the person of the same gender. The society is so harsh on such people. They don't accept it at all, but now things are slowly changing and society is willing to hear the silent cries of those helpless souls.

Coming out as gay is a bold move one can make in today's scenario. If that's a celebrity, the case is even worse, a lot of media attention and paparazzi to get the full scoop of all the alleged affairs the celebrity has had in secret and what not.

Check out the Hollywood celebrities who admitted to being gay.

Ellen Page

She came out as gay during a speech she gave at an event on Valentine's Day, 2014. She has acted in several movies like Inception and Juno. The actor is being offered gay roles after she come out openly and that's bothering her. She's sick of Hollywood's double standards towards gay community.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil and David Burtka have been longtime partners; they have been married for more than 10 years now and have twin kids. Neil is happy with his sexuality and is living the life to its fullest.

Wentworth Miller

He confirmed he was gay while rejecting an invite to a Russian film event in Aug, 2013. He admitted in 2013 that he was gay despite having several chances of revealing it in his earlier years. He said that he was afraid of what the world might think and how it would affect his career. Miller tried to kill himself for being gay, when he was 15.

John Barrowman

John and Scott Gill married in 2013 and are living their lives happily. Torchwood actor revealed in interviews that he realised he was gay at a young age of 9, but didn't come out openly untill he married Scott.

Ellen DeGeneres

The popular TV anchor and any other thing she is, came out on a talk show back in 1997. She was afraid that the revelation would ruin her career and also her fame and respect in the society. Ellen married Portia de Rossi in August 2008 and are now happy together.

Cynthia Nixon

She found love with Christine Marinoni in 2004, She came out as being gay by choice, which caused quite the controversy in the gay community. She is now married to Christine and have a baby son together.

Anna Paquin

She announced that she's bisexual in a PSA 2010, She is happily married to her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer. She is now pregnant with his child but she is open about being bisexual.

Zachary Quinto

When he came out openly in 2013, no one in his life knew about him being gay. The Star Trek actor has been happy and comfortable about being open and feels that the industry has been supporting him.

Sir Ian McKellen

The Lord Of The Rings actor came out in 1988 about being gay. He admitted in a recent interview that opening up about his identity in the society made him a better person and wished he had done it sooner.

Amber Heard

Married to Johnny Depp, she famously came out about her long-term relationship with artist and film-maker Tasya Van Ree at the 25th Anniversary of GLAAD in 2010. She was scared about coming out as being bisexual.

Some Hollywood celebrities took it upon themselves, to make the bold move and let the world know that they aren't scared of the society anymore. These celebrities have openly admitted to being 'gay' on media and are very happy that they finally broke the silence and are now leading their lives without being judged.

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Regardless of their work, their personal lives have been good for some and not so good for the others. After all they have been through so far, they are finally happy with their life.

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