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Shocking Much? These Are The Most Expensive Stuff Bought By The Hollywood Celebrities!

Written By: Chaitra
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It is understood that Hollywood Celebrities make loads and loads of money. But, what confuses us are these most expensive things bought by the celebrities.

The stars have spent thousands of thousands dollars on things that would make absolutely no sense to the common people. Well, of course, because they are the celebrities:


The gold leggings Beyonce wore for BET awards 2007 costs $100,000! Well, we hope she wears them more often.

Nicolas Cage

The actor bought a Dinosaur skull worth $276,000! But, there's been a few questions with regard to its authenticity.

Angelina Jolie

Angleina bought her beloved husband Bard Pitt a helicopter which is worth $1 million. Still better than gold leggings!

Kanye West

Kim's rapper husband had once told Ellen that he wants tooth implants and they would made of diamonds and gold!

Daniel Radcliffe

Guess how much the mattress on which Daniel Radcliffe sleeps costs? Is it freakin' $17,000!

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is known for her money and dogs. It isn't too surprising that she built a dog house worth $325,000 for her cuties. It is a replica of her house.


Drake once visited a strip club and made it rain with bills worth $50,000!

Jay-Z & Beyonce

The celebrity couple Jay Z and Beyonce roam around in a Mercedes van which costs $1 million. It has an inbuilt shower, wi-fi and $15,000 sound system.

Michael Vick

The former NLF player bought a $85,000 custom fish pond for his house.


The rapper and singer Akon has bought a multi-million diamond mine in Africa! Apparently, the figure is huge!

Not all the celebrities invested money in such expensive luxurious stuff only because they were interested in it or for the sake of status and pleasure. Some even kept profit in mind.

For instance, Akon's diamond mine is surely going to fetch the singer loads and loads of profit. If the investment is so high, the profit expectation would be higher.

Another celebrity who did a similar investment is Kim Basinger. The 80s icon bought a Georgia town in 1988 for a whopping amount of $20 million!

Her plan was to turn the town into a tourist destination. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for her. She filed for bankruptcy five years later and sold the town for $1 million.

Majority of the influential people get a high when they reach a point in the society where they receive a lot of respect due to their status.

Donald Trump, the presidential candidate and a billionaire own a plane which is worth $100 million! It is Boeing 757. Supposedly, everything inside the plane is gold plated.

Mike Tyson, the boxing champion is known for his eccentric and extravagant possessions. The Tiger he was featured with, in the movie Hangover is his own.

The other ultra expensive thing he has invested on is a gold bath tub. He got it installed for his wife Robin Givens when he was married to her.

Celebrities who are nothing but proud of their breast implants!

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