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These Hollywood Celebrities Always Hold A Poker Face! Why So?

Written By: Chaitra
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It's said, 'The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile', but not believe in that. These Hollywood celebrities hate smiling and always hold a poker face!

While some celebrities just can't get enough from smiling, the others hate to crack a smile. Surprisingly, majority of the celebrities fall in the latter category:

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is rarely seen smiling! Looks like she stopped smiling ever since she got her lips filled.

Megan Fox

Even this Transformers beauty is always seen carrying a very reserved face.

Victoria Beckham

The fashionista Victoria Beckham seldom cracks a smile even while giving interviews.

Lady Gaga

Just like her song Poker Face, Lady Gaga also carried poker face most of the times.

Johnny Depp

This Pirates Of The Caribbean actor is never seen laughing his heart off or even cracking a smile!


How many of you have witnessed Eminem smile? Yup, that's very very rare!

Jennifer Lopez

JLo, as charming as she is, just doesn't like cracking a smile!

Jude Law

The only time we have seen this actor smile is on-screen!

Kate Moss

This runway model holds a reserved face not only while walking the ramp, but outside of the modeling world too.

For those of you don't know, there are zillion reasons behind a celebrity holding a certain kind of face. It rather defines their beauty and sex quotient.

For instance, the 18 years old Kylie Jenner is known for imitating all her older sisters. Be it from Kim Kardashian to Kendall Jenner.

Supposedly, she's even altered her face and body to a very large extent to resemble her sister Kim Kardashian. Have you seen Kim Kardashian smile open heartedly?

No, that's very rare. No wonder, Kylie Jenner holds the poker or the duck face most of the times. The look and the face she carries definitely makes her older to her age.

One might argue saying smile is the most beautiful thing ever and it has the power to make anyone look their best and beautiful. But, celebrities have a different explanation to that.

Many of the stars have admitted that they hate the way they look when they smile. Some have their face structure as a reason, while the others blame their dental structure.

In a report that documented different celebrities' reason behind not smiling, many said that they liked to look as serious as possible.

Last but not least, many of them would got botox on their faces, which restricts their facial muscles from moving at an ease. No wonder these celebrities wouldn't smile even they wanted to!

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