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Christopher Nolan Draws Inspiration For Dunkirk From Dark Knight Trilogy

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The legendary English-American cinematographer, editor, film producer, screenwriter and director Christopher Edward Nolan, also known as Christopher Nolan says that Dark Knight trilogy has helped him in structuring shoots for his latest film Dunkirk.

The iconic film-maker who has helmed many stellar films like Interstellar, Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy and many more, credited the Batman films for the inspirations and concepts for Dunkirk. Nolan said Dunkirk has been moulded into the imagery of Batman films, only in a different tone.

Christopher Nolan

"I think the time I spent making large scale entertainment --- with respect to entertainment, this is suspenseful entertainment. My 10 years of working with the character of Batman is essential to understanding imagery and sound, and push-and-pull in a particular direction." Said Nolan.

Nolan also stated that he had always wanted to tell the story of Dunkirk in the backdrop of WWII and Operation Dynamo, which he managed to portray vividly in his upcoming movie.

"It's the story of being trapped and surrounded by the enemy at the town of Dunkirk and having the impossible choice of annihilation or surrender. And the fact that the story does not end in annihilation or surrender is why it's one of the great stories." Christopher Nolan stated further.

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