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Tokyo Drift An Important Chapter In Fast & Furious Series Feels Chris Morgan

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It is practically unheard, in the context of the entertainment industry that love and excitement for a movie franchise have only grown further with each of its new releases. So much so that Fast & Furious is all set to release its eighth instalment and is still going strong.

But the screenwriter Chris Morgan feels it is their third film Tokyo Drift(though tanked at the box office), which is crucial in the growth and progression of the Fast & Furious franchise.

Fast And Furious

"Originally, I started as a fan. I went to see the original film at a late-night showing. I just loved that brotherhood between Dom and Brian. And then I got asked to do the third movie. There was an open writing call for the third film. I think originally I came in and pitched." Said Morgan.

Morgan also stated that Tokyo Drift was initially written based on the character of Vin Diesel in the lead.

"Essentially it was Tokyo Drift, but it was with Vin, and his character kind of had to go out and learn drifting. And there was a murder he had to solve." Morgan added.

"It is so funny. It could have been the death throes, and then thankfully, the thing that kind of saved us was that we got Vin at the very end of the movie to come in and kind of hint where we're going to go in the future." Explained Morgan.

"That moment at the end, everyone's like, 'Oh my God, what does this mean? Are they going to do something else?' And that gave us the ammo to go in and do the fourth one, which led us to do the fifth and the sixth and the seventh and the eighth. So it all kind of built from there." He added.

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