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Why The Concluding Last Minutes Of Logan Are So Vital, Explains James Mangold

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Logan marks an emotional end not only to Hugh Jackman, a 17-year-old career as Wolverine, but also the end of X-Men. And therefore, Director James Mangold says he wants audiences to feel the last scene of the film rather than engaging to it intellectually.

Director James Mangold also feels that this is an appropriate and honest end to Wolverine, that could have in any possible way.

Hugh Jackman

"Well it seemed to me that it had to in some way be a battle with something other than just one of the array of supervillains." Said the director.

"What I liked about the idea on a thematic level of battling X-24 and even dying at his hands was that effectively there's a kind of radian analysis you can make of it all, which is really interesting" Mangold added.

"To put his last fight against his own self in a sense, a mirror, a kind of dark mirror in a way, X-24 in my mind was designed to be a vision of Weapon X, that he's essentially battling his worst self, younger, more capable, more savage, and without any sense of conscience or morality." He said.

"And of the many things I'm proud about the movie, I'm really proud about the way-I don't expect you to intellectually engage that, but I expect you to feel it." Mangold stated further.

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