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      Frozen 2: Lopezes Return With Haunting Melodies That Will Take You 'Into the Unknown' In Sequel


      'Frozen' is an animated musical fantasy film, so a lot naturally rests on the songs that uplift the storytelling and at the same time, take the story forward. The defining song for the 2013 film was 'Let It Go', sung by the new Queen Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel), who finally begins to accept who she is, but shuts herself away in an ice castle to keep those she loves safe.

       Lopezes Take You ‘INTO The Unknown’ In Frozen 2

      She thinks she is free and secure in her isolation but only true love can melt the ice cage she has built around herself and the world. 'Let It Go' embodies all the feelings that come bursting forth from the quiet and proper Elsa, showing the audience for the first time who she really is. It is the point in the movie when everything changes as Elsa herself changes. ALSO READ: Frozen 2 Movie Review: Disney Tackles Darker Themes Of Change, Purpose, And Loss.

      A similar defining point arrives in the sequel as well. It appears everything is hinged on the song 'Into The Unknown'. That is when Elsa hears a call that beckons her to find answers about why she is the way she is. So if 'Let It Go' to Elsa was about accepting herself, 'Into The Unknown' explores her past and the source of her magical powers and their purpose too, perhaps.

      Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez returned for 'Frozen 2', writing seven all-new original songs that capture the emotion, fun and intrigue in a compelling way. The Lopezes credited their daughters for inspiring a lot of the music in the first film, and that seems to not have changed.

      "Anna and Elsa are growing up and our girls are growing up too. As the girls get more independent and have to walk their own paths and face their own moments of crisis without us there to protect them, it has ushered in a new era of parenting for us, which also made its way into the film," they said.

      The lullaby 'All is Found' that Queen Iduna, Elsa and Anna's mother, sings to her daughters, sets the tone of the movie as an epic adventure and also serves as the roadmap to the story.

      The Lopezes won an Oscar Award for Best Achievement In Music Written For A Motion Picture, Original Song in 2013 for 'Let It Go'. The snippets of the soundtrack released by Disney at the brand immersion day earlier in October show that the album of the sequel is equally promising.

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