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      Tenet Early Review: Christopher Nolan's Film Leaves Netizens Speechless; Critics Have Mixed Reviews


      Christopher Nolan's Tenet has been one of the most anticipated global releases of 2020. The film after several delays due to COVID-19, has finally released in some parts of the world, as theatres have reopened for business. The film will release in 70 countries in coming weeks and has already hit theatres in many countries on August 26. A few days ago, critics shared their verdict on the sci-fi film and now, the audiences have also given their thumbs up to it.

      Tenet Early Review: Christopher Nolans Film Leaves Netizens Speechless; Critics Have Mixed Reviews

      Earlier this week, Tom Cruise also made a surprise visit to a theatre in London for Tenet's release. Everyone in the clip can be seen taking precautionary measures while in public, like wearing masks and keeping a safe distance. Since India is not yet ready to open theatres, it is unlikely that Tenet will release in the country anytime soon.

      As for reactions on Twitter, fans certainly loved the Christopher Nolan film experience but have also talked about being confused. Some even said that to understand the film, you may have to watch it more than once or twice. One user wrote, "After watching tenet, i think it's safe to say my brain has never felt more empty and confused yet still amazed #TENET".

      Fans Reaction After Watching Tenet

      Fans Reaction After Watching Tenet

      Another fan wrote, "Christopher Nolan's brain is something else! Go watch #Tenet if you can". A moviegoer slammed the negative reviews of the film and tweeted, "When a movie gets -ve reviews just because people couldn't understand the movie well, u have to imagine how complex the movie is (Bomb emoji) #Tenet #Tenetreview."



      "Just went and saw #Tenet in theatres... safely don't worry Canada is wild... and wow... what and experience to go back and see after 8 months of no new blockbusters. Can't wait for @KindaFunnyVids in review of this one and have an excuse to watch it again."


      "Time isn't linear and so are Christopher Nolan's movies! #Tenet is one of the best movie i have experienced. You don't go to watch and understand it, you feel it. As everyone else, i will have to watch it again to understand what heck was happening!! #TenetMovie"


      "#Tenet was good. Bet it would leave old people confiused after watch it"


      "How the hell was any of that practical? Like, what the fuck. Sorry guys. I just really loved itZ #Tenet"



      "#TENET left me utterly speechless. I am currently shivering in exhilaration. It's a masterful film that deals with concepts beyond imagination. It's not confusing, it's innovation beyond all else, Nolan here is operating at his highest and smartest. #TENET is immersion."

      Meanwhile, critics have had mixed response to the film. , "the best and worst of Nolan. Spread over a broad and beautiful canvas spanning seven countries, it has a barely comprehensible plot which has been sending the internet into a frenzy of arcane intellectual speculation since a short teaser trailer was released months ago," said Sydney Morning Herald film critic Sandra Hall. Irish critic Alan Corr, who writes for RTE, called Tenet a ‘head-wreck.' and UK's The Guardian called it ‘superb cinema.'

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      Christopher Nolan's Tenet To Release In 70 Countries Before The US

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