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Big Momma's House

By: By: Sunil Noronha
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Martin Lawrence returns in a sequel to the Big Mommas House as an undercover cop again-but this time he goes out to save his country from a byte(s) misuse disaster when he goes undercover in the same disguise- without letting his family know. America is under a probable attack from people who are putting the US's intelligence at risk by making it accessible via a "worm" which they could have already created. His partner, who is still in the business-busting criminals (he gives the job for a PR desk job), gets killed while working on the case. Martin Lawrence takes up the case without telling his present employers or his wife.

The case that he takes up involves him taking up a nanny's job at the house of a software executive who is allegedly behind the crime and in the process of his protrusions into their lives as a part of his investigations, he established a bond with the children of his new employer. His investigative ways get distracted when he starts becoming the good nanny to the boss's children who are members of a very dysfunctional family. He is the cool nanny. He makes the age gap between him and the kids become almost nil by giving them a nanny who is indeed understanding of their age bracket because he is not that old indeed.

In comparison to the sequel, the storyline has remained. Nothing radical you can expect. Just the same story twisted and turned around. The emotional attachment that he feels for Sherri in the first instalment is replaced by the emotional attachment that he has for the kids of his other boss in its sequel. The guise is the same-Big Momma who is cool and is all the good, enjoyable and freaky of all the members of all age groups rolled into one.

It is clear that the movie was played by the sequel card again-a formula which does not work all the time.

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