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Rush Hour 3 - Review

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By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rush Hour 3 is the trilogy after the hit Rush Hour I and the bombed Rush Hour II. The only new thing on offer here are the new sets and the locations. The director attempts to hide the lack of a new idea with these. Although not as miserable as the Rush Hour II the plot is stale and the movie has very little to offer.

In the movie Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) has been sent to America to guard his friend Ambassador Han (Tzi Ma) who"s about to make a major revelation about the Chinese triads. In the mean time there is an assassination attempt on the ambassador and he is hospitalized. Lee traces the assassin and eventually corners him, discovering that the assassin Kenji (Hiroyuki Sanada) is known to him and thus unable to fire at him. L.A. cop James Carter (Chris Tucker) reaches the spot but fails to capture the Kenji. The bullet misses Han's heart and he is expected to recover fully.

Han"s daughter (Jinchu Zhang) revels that her father had extremely dangerous information regarding the triads. The information is in an envelope in her studio locker. Lee and Carter team up and the trio reach the studio to find the envelope missing. Meanwhile all the security has been removed from the hospital and there is a second assassination attempt on the ambassador, which the two cops neutralize just reaching in time. They also get hold of their assassin leader who revels that they are on the triad list along with the ambassador and his daughter.

Lee and Carter decide to go to Paris to investigate where they find themselves having a tough time not with just with the triads but even with the French culture. They meet George (Yvan Attal), a cab driver who first refuses to take in the cops as he doesn't like Americans but later becomes their ally. The meet Detective Revi (Roman Polanski) police chief who puts out the unwelcome mat once as soon as Lee and Carter land. They meet an informant named Genevieve who has the information about the triads.

There are several assassination attempts on the cops in the city but expectedly they escape unhurt and they even manage to save Genevieve. The final sequence at the top of the tower is melodramatic where Kenji and Lee are hanging in a safety net and and Lee attempts to save Kenji's life risking his own. Kenji than leaves Lee's hand to save him and falls to his death. Carter meanwhile defeats all the other triads.

Brett Ratner tries his best to hold the audience despite the movie having a good script. There are a lots of stunt scenes which are very common in Jackie Chan's movies. Chris Tucker delivers a good performance. The movie is a victim of its own script and old story doesn't impress the audience. The director attempts to use the beautiful locale of Paris and even shoots at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Jackie and Chris look tired together in the screen and send the message of having had enough with each other in Rush Hour. However the story has enough to entertain you in the theaters and may this be the last attempt by the director with this title.

Movie NameRush Hour 3
Genre – Action/ Comedy
Year – 2007
Director – Brett Ratner
Cast - Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Max Von Sydow, Noemi Lenoir, Hiroyuki Sanada, Yvan Attal, Tzi Ma
Country - USA

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