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Shrek 3 - Review

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The much-awaited Shrek 3 is here. Shrek, Fiona, the hilarious donkey, Pus-in Boots and Prince Charming are back - but this time the pulse is that they have not lived up to the expectations of their fanatics. After Shrek I and II, Shrek the Third is a dampener leaving us with the message that Shrek and gang is no more the comic caper kind that was seen in the first two installments of the film.

This time around in addition to Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and Mike Myers, the film also has Cameron Diaz's ex Justin Timberlake and Cody Cameron helping out with the voices.

Shrek's father-in-law who has now become a frog leaves the throne of Far Far Away vacant and the green skinned ogre is the next rightful heir to it. But now-to-be king Shrek is not at all excited. He wants to return to his swamp and have things go back to normal, as they were when the movies first installment started.

So Shrek and gang go on a hunt for the next in line after him - Arthur-a character from the Camelot tales played by Justin Timberlake. Things turn around during their search when Fiona announces that she is pregnant. The thought of becoming a dad scares Shrek a little bit.

They find Arthur at a prep school where his father left him at a young age. Artie, as he known for short, is a nerd who is cast away even by the nerdiest of nerds. When he hears of his good fortune by which he gets to be king, he has all the reason to jump up in joy. Parallely, the erstwhile Prince Charming, who is reduced to a dinner party entertainer, is having a tough time trying to regale his audience.

Upon getting to know that Shrek has gone off for a while, Prince Charming and his troops - consisting of Captain Hook and Cyclops among others - take over Far Far Away. Once they have invaded the city, they imprison Fiona and her friends Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Doris. Having done this, he waits for Shrek to return so that he can finally take over the kingdom.

The premise of the film is pretty much the same that was in the first and the second installments - the incessant ranting between Shrek and Donkey, the Puss-In-Boots and humour that is borrowed from other famous and well known movies and characters. But this same factor has been overplayed with the introduction of new characters. The music in the film is excellent as always and has been used to its full advantage. Shrek the Third is an overall disappointer.

Nothing special that is to be noted - that is apart from what the previous installments had to offer. One point that Shrek the Third has put across is that its time for to give it a rest.

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