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Bedtime Stories Review

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If you could decide your life story as it unravelled, wouldn't it have a much happier ending? Bedtime Stories gives you a taste of just how that would be fun at times, dreary at others.

Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) is tired of being the janitor at an upbeat resort that was once owned by his father Marty Bronson (Jonathon Pryce). Marty, an inept businessman, sold the motel to the cunning Barry Nottingham (Richard Griffiths), when the latter promised to make Marty's son the motel manager (when he grew up, of course). Well, it's a while now since that son is grown up and all he has is the thankless job of a janitor and fast-fading dreams of being promoted to manager. So when his divorced sister, leaves her kids and their guinea pig in his custody for a few days, he's really in no mood to entertain. But he does try his hand at telling a story, which would have been the most boring tale had the kids not pitched in with their own ideas. Even then, it would have remained but a whimsical children's story, until the strangest thing happens - the story becomes real, and, now it's up to Skeeter to use this newfound magic to help make his dreams a reality.

It's a nice story with some interesting twists, but somehow, Adam Sandler seems to be tired of doing these boyish comic roles. With 2008's Reign On Me, he seemed to be making a statement that he is now ready for serious and more mature roles, but since directors are used to giving him roles that make him out to be a silly, over grown kid, the poor guy is stuck in a rut. The movie does offer a number of laugh worthy moments and director Adam Shankman has tried his best to keep it happy - from the characters to the ending, the film is all feel good. So if you want some cheering up, Bedtime Stories is sure to do it for you.

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