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To Rome With Love Movie Review – Actors save the film!

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To Rome with Love
To Rome with Love, directed by Woody Allen makes for an interesting watch. Four different plots, weaved into one big story....too many characters in the script is one big drawback of the film. Well, that doesn't mean that To Rome with Love is an utter disaster, but at the same time, it's no Midnight in Paris, Manhattan or Hannah and her sisters (Woody Allen's Oscar-winning films).

Woody Allen has directed and written the script for the film as well. He also plays a pivotal role in the movie. To Rome with Love tops on the 'performance' front. A 'not-so-impressive' script with some terrific performance by the huge star-cast - this is what To Rome with Love is all about. There is a feel-good factor combined with the scenic beauty of Rome, which makes it an endearing flick.

There are four sub-plots.....

1) A young Italian couple who arrive in Rome for their honeymoon. They are funny, and provide ample dosage of adult humour.

2) A retired opera director (Woody Allen) and his wife (Judy Davis) who come to Rome to meet their future son-in-law, instead end up talent hunting.

3) Architect (Alec Baldwin) who gets nostalgic and travels down memory lane, thanks to a young architecture student (Jesse Eisenberg) living in Rome.

4) A local resident of Rome (Roberto Benigni) who one fine day finds himself a part of the elite crowd.

Woody Allen, as usual, doesn't let you down, and once again proves that he is a terrific actor. Penelope Cruz looks very glamourous and convincing as a young married lady. As said earlier, the film rocks because of the performance by all the stars. So, it would be unfair to single out any particular actor. Power-packed performances by all!

Overall, To Rome with Love can be watched once for sure.

Cast: Woody Allen, Judy Davis, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Jesse Eisenberg

Direction: Woody Allen

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