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Whiplash Movie Review

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'Whiplash' is one of the Oscar 2015 nominated pictures which is releasing in India just two days before the awards night is hosted by Neil Patrick Harris in Los Angeles on February 22nd.

Whiplash has been sweeping away awards at the ongoing award season with actor J.K. Simmons winning awards and Oscar nod as well for Best Supporting Actor. The American drama directed by Damien Chazelle, is based on his experiences in the Princeton High School Studio Band.

The movie with its very first scene makes you feel how first-year jazz student Andrew Neima (Miles Teller) works hard to become the best drummer and gets trained under the fearsome yet perfectionist Conductor Terrence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) at the prestigious Shaffer Conservatory in New York.

JK Simmons Whiplash

Inspiring to become 'Buddy Rich', Andrew works really hard and makes it to Terrence's studio band as the alternate for Carl, the core drummer, but soon replaces him to become the core drummer after perform "Whiplash" from memory at a local jazz competition.

Andrew practicing scenes are very moving as he does until his hands bleed and Andrew becomes so passionate, that he breaks up with his girlfriend Nicole, who works at a theatre where he goes to watch movies with his dad (Paul Reiser).


Students in Terrence's studio band are scared of him and it is clearly shown how he makes them bring out their perfection during practice. From using abusive words to yelling and throwing chairs at them including Andrew of course, Terrence tries to bring out the best performance of his band members during the training.

Whiplash Miles Teller Drumming

A few days later, teary Terrence tells his class that his talented former student, Sean Casey, has died in a car accident. The band then rehearsing "Caravan", but Ryan, the new alternate drummer for Andre and Carl struggles with the tempo.

Fletcher auditions Andrew, Ryan and Carl for hours while the class waits outside despite all three struggling to keep tempo and finally gives the core position to Andrew as he beats the later two to become the fastest playing drummer in the class. They all leave after practicing further at 4 am before the big jazz competition.

Whiplash Miles Teller

While on his way to the jazz competition, Andrew's bus breaks down. To arrive on time, he rents a car, but arrives late for rehearsal before the show where he gets into a do or die situation due to Terrence who tries to replace him with Ryan as Andrew arrived without his drumsticks.

Furious Andrew promises to return before the show and drives back to the car rental office to collect the drumsticks but as he speeds back, his car is hit by a truck.

Crawling from the wreckage, badly hurt, Andrew arrives and starts to play with broken finger but fails. Terrence tells him he is 'done' and this leaves him angry and he attacks him on the stage.

J.K. Simmons Whiplash

After being expelled from Shaffer, Andrew leaves his passion for drumming which he had since childhood and starts focusing on his studies.

However, he is dragged back to Terrence when he is contacted by a lawyer representing the parents of Sean Casey to stand up against the fearsome teacher. The lawyer explains that Sean actually hanged himself, suffering from anxiety and depression after joining Fletcher's class which takes Andrew by surprise as Terrence told in the class that he died in a car accident. Sean's parents want to prevent Fletcher from teaching so Andrew agrees to testify which gets Fletcher fired.

Months later, Andrew finds Fletcher playing a piano in a club. Both sit for drinks where Fletcher explains that he pushes his students beyond the expected so they might achieve greatness. He invites Andrew to perform at a festival concert with his band as his drummer is not that good. Andrew agrees and starts practicing again. He also invites his ex girlfriend Nicole after apologising to her, but she has moved on and is dating someone else.

Andrew is least aware that Fletcher is taking his revenge on him as he knew that Andrew got him fired. Just before the show begins, Andrew is not given the new piece which the band starts performing. Confused and humiliated, Andrew leaves the stage but returns and begins playing "Caravan", interrupting Fletcher as he addresses the audience.

Miles Teller Solo Performance

This is the time when you must watch how Andre performs the breathtaking solo for a long period of time and how his band mates follow him to end up a piece of perfect Caravan. After the 'one of the greats' performance, Fletcher gives a nod of approval to Andrew as he finishes.

Whiplash Movie Review

Performances in the movie is brilliant and the music is classic. J.K. Simmons is tough and Miles Teller is awesome as the aspiring drummer.

Oscar nominated film, Whiplash in short is one of the best films which will leave you speechless!

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