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    Knives Out Movie Review: This Daniel Craig-Chris Evans Starrer Makes For A Decent Watch

    Star Cast: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas
    Director: Rian Johnson

    Daniel Craig, one of the biggest names in Hollywood, is back with his latest release Knives Out, which arrived in theatres today (November 29) and gave moviegoers a reason to rejoice. The film, directed by Rian Craig Johnson, has created a reasonable amount of buzz amongst fans and this makes it a crucial release for all concerned. So, did the murder-mystery deliver the goods and entertain cinemagoers? Read the Knives Out movie review to find out.


    The film revolves around the unexpected events that unfold when a self-made tycoon is found dead under 'suspicious circumstances'. Things turn murkier when a debonair investigator/detective enters the scene and learns one big secret after the other.

    Knives Out Movie Review: This Daniel Craig-Chris Evans Starrer Makes For A Decent Watch


    Knives Out starts off on a shocking note, which might leave movie buffs stunned. Thereafter, it plays out like a conventional murder mystery and manages to keep die-hard fans of the genre hooked. The interrogation scenes have been executed well and prove to be the backbone of the first half. They also add depth to the characters, which enhances the experience. The second half, however, is not as good as expected. While the initial portions are good, things soon become predictable and this dilutes the impact of the 'big twist' towards the end.


    Daniel Craig is the heart and soul of Knives Out and elevates the onscreen action with his suave dialogue delivery and charming screen presence. Chris Evans is okay but gets overshadowed by 'James Bond'. Christopher Plummer is simply fabulous and conveys the loneliness of his character quite well.

    Ana de Armas impresses big time, 'throwing up' a splendid act. Some of the sequences involving her character have situational humour and this works in her favour. The rest of the cast members are pretty good and carry their roles rather well.

    Technical Departments

    The movie's background score is not too effective, failing to elevate the key scenes. However, the editing is reasonably good as none of the sequences drag. Cinematography is good, especially in the opening sequence. The other technical departments have been handled well.


    Daniel Craig's 'Sherlock' Act

    Solid Opening Sequence

    Sequences Involving Ana de Armas and Christopher Plummer

    Competent Editing


    Predictable Second Half

    Weak Background Score

    Chris Evans Is Under-utilised

    The Verdict

    Knives Out is a predictable but sincere movie that should click with the target audience.

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