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      Enola Holmes Movie Review: Millie Bobby Brown Makes For 'A Fine Lady Detective'

      Star Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter
      Director: Harry Bradbeer

      Available On: Netflix

      Duration: 123 Minutes

      Language: English

      Story: Enola Holmes, younger sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and government official Mycroft Holmes, embarks on a quest to find her missing mother. Meanwhile, London is taken over by a fight for a reform bill that could possibly give women a chance to vote.

      Enola Holmes Movie Review: Millie Bobby Brown Makes For A Fine Lady Detective

      Review: Enola Holmes brings a very fresh perspective to the traditional Holmes name and the sub-genre of female detectives. We haven't seen a new female detective since names like Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, however, Enola provides a more wild and mysterious approach since the story is set in the 18th century when women were perceived as objects to be owned by men.

      The film starts with Enola explaining to the audience that her name, in fact, means, 'Alone' when spelled backwards. At her birth, her mother insisted she'd be called by the unusual name. What was even more unusual for the two women, was that her mother never taught her to embroider. Nor does she wear hats and gloves, which is preposterous in the eyes of her eldest brother Mycroft, who is a conservative government stooge.

      Enola Holmes Is Set In 18th Century London

      Enola Holmes Is Set In 18th Century London

      Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes head home when they find out their mother Eudoria Holmes, played by Helena Bonham Carter, has gone missing and hasn't returned for a week. Sherlock then suspects she left on her own account and does not want to return. Meanwhile, Mycroft is so disgusted by Enola not wearing gloves and hats that he decides its best to send her off to a boarding school, where she can learn to be a proper lady. Enola, who only wishes to find her mother, realises that the last gift her mother left for her has clues about her whereabouts. Taking on her mother's every bit of advice from the past 16 years, Enola takes upon herself to find her mother, because 'Our Future Is Up To Us'.

      What makes the simple and joyous adventure a tad bit emotional and interesting is the historic moment it is set in. In 1884, England is about to embark on a new journey itself, one where women are ready to lead. A reform bill in the House of Lords in the making will ensure a platform and a right to fight for the suffragette - a member of an activist women's organisation.

      Millie Bobby Brown Plays Enola Holmes

      Millie Bobby Brown Plays Enola Holmes

      To incorporate the details, the makers had to sacrifice the usual Holmes traits like deduction and mystery, and yet the story makes a lasting impact. Millie Bobby Brown as Enola seems like the perfect choice for a quirky wild girl, who refuses to give in to the ways of society. Henry Cavill also makes for a fine second fiddle to his younger sister, and throughout the film, he doesn't just grow to care for her, but also begins to respect her and is proud of her achievements.

      Enola Holmes Is Now Streaming On Netflix

      Enola Holmes Is Now Streaming On Netflix

      Directed by Harry Bradbeer and written by Jack Thorne, the film attempts to comment on the social injustice in the 18th century not only against women but also their unjust regulations and blind faith in the old ways. But none of it taints the film's story or the characters. For every few seconds, the film seems to get serious, as we have Enola talking to the screen ensuring us she is in control and takes us on a ride filled with laughs.

      The film's audience's age group on Netflix showed 13+, hopefully, Enola's character will give young girls the faith and hope that even though it seems like they are alone fighting for rights, they don't have to be lonely as there are other girls who are fighting to win their version of freedom.

      Overall, Enola Holmes isn't just a delight to watch but also gives us the chance to root for all of the characters. Hopefully, the franchise will continue to explore the 18th century London with the same finesse as this one.

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