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      The Informer Movie Review: Joel Kinnaman And Rosamund Pike's Film Is Gripping



      Language: English
      113 minutes

      Story: Based on the novel Three Seconds by Roslund/Hellström, The Informer follows Joel Kinnaman as Pete Koslow who becomes an inside source for FBI agents to infiltrate the Polish mob drug trade in New York, the story takes a turn when an undercover NYPD officer dies after a deal gone wrong.


      Review: The Informer takes on the age-old crime drama tactics like, double-crossing, going rouge, handlers helping out and a deal gone wrong changing their plan. While all the major plot points of the story are same, we still get a decent crime thriller with a drama aspect. Pete Koslow played by Joel Kinnaman is a former special operations soldier and convict who is working for the FBI as an informer. His handler, Wilcox played by Rosamund Pike wants to infiltrate the Polish mob's drug trade in New York. But the bureau abandons the informer as soon as things start looking bad for them.

      The makers have been clear about what to expect in the film, from the get-go, and stick to it. Pete has a family to protect, and Wilcox wants to keep her promise to Pete. Even with little information about the characters we have enough to root for them. The film has a satisfactory ending, bad guys get caught, the good guys come together and everyone is saved. Even if Pete is still away from the family, he is safe and the people who matter know the truth.


      Joel, Rosamund and Ana de Armas take on the heavy roles in the film, while Common and Clive Owen seem wasted in the small roles. The script is heavy on drama and without any intense actions or car chase sequences which was refreshing to watch. Wilcox has been Pete handler for years and her siding with him made the most sense in the movie, without getting out of her character, we still see the chemistry between the two.

      The plot takes a while to kick off. Even with the slow start, the urgency grows and keeps your gripped hoping Pete comes out safe from the trap. But towards the end, things do get a bit far fetched, I would expect a special ops guy to be able to find a way out without playing into everyone's trap.


      Overall, The Informer is an entertaining thriller which has potential for more. With the base now set, the makers may look at it with a series possibility. Packed with cliches of the genre, this still makes for an interesting watch.

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