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      Retaliation Movie Review: Orlando Bloom Will Have You Rooting For Him Despite The Wafer Thin Script

      Star Cast: Orlando Bloom, Janet Montgomery, Charlie Creed Miles, Anne Reid
      Director: Ludwig Shammasian, Paul Shammasian

      Available On: ZeePlex

      Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes

      Language: English

      Story: The story follows Malky who struggles to cope with the trauma of being sexually abused by a priest at the age of 12. One day, he sets out to burn down the church where the abuse took place. On coming face to face with his abuser, Malky had to choose if he wants revenge or wants to move on.

      orlando bloom,

      Review: Retaliation as the name suggests, the film begins with much anguish and pent up rage but not at the world. Malky attempts to teach the audience the power of moving on and not giving your abuser the hold over your mind. Directors Ludwig Shammasian and Paul Shammasian focus more on Malky's pain and struggle than the religious aspect of the story.

      The film opens in an old church that Malky (Orlando Bloom) and best friend Jo (Alex Ferns) have been hired to demolish. The same church where he was sexually abused more than two decades ago. He picks up his hammer as a way to channel his anger, but it isn't enough to uncover his guilt. What doesn't help is his mother's (Anne Reid) anger at him for demolishing her beloved church. She also feels shame in Malky's criminal record, often worried about cops coming at her doorsteps, and tells him something's not right about him.

      Malky seems to be stuck in the pattern of hurting the closest to himself as he is unable to forgive him but we slowly find out there is more to him. While he does not have a stable relationship with his girlfriend, he is more than reliable and loyal to his friend. It is after seeing his abuser for the first time in over two decades that Malky loses his temper. It begins a vicious cycle of self-hate and guilt for him.

      Orlando Bloom takes on the role with courage and gives it his all. Despite an overwritten script, Bloom's performance keeps you hooked to the screen. The makers don't explore the deeply embedded subtle themes in an attempt to curb the story's possible religious influence. On the other hand, the audience are left with only a mere image of the other characters. You end up rooting only for Bloom, not his relationship with his girlfriend, or mother. You are waiting for him to chose between revenge and the road to redemption.

      Overall, the film that has been overlooked for three years, will hopefully see some appreciation. The film is not for the everyday Orlando Bloom fans, but it might get him a different kind of fan following.

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