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      Thor: Love And Thunder Movie Review: The Taika Waititi Film Does Not Live Up To Its Name

      Star Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson
      Director: Taika Waititi

      Available In Theatres
      Duration: 2 hours
      Language: English

      Plot: Thor: Love And Thunder follows the God Of Thunder has he continues the quest of rediscovery and it lands him in the path of Gorr The God Butcher. In an attempt to save Asgard, he has to team up with Mighty Thor AKA his ex-girlfriend Dr Jane Foster.

      chris hemsworth,

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      Review: Thor: Love And Thunder is all in all a children's film that makes space for a reserved few laughs for the adults. It does and at the same time fails to live up to the Taika Waititi name, as much as it is chaotic (which can be embraced), unfortunately, Thor: Love and Thunder is also messy. Its struggles begin in the very first ten minutes.

      Usually, when a film starts with narration, it is bound to end in less than ten minutes leaving the rest of the run time for the characters. However, in Thor: Love And Thunder the narration never ends, it comes and goes as Taika narrates most of the story throughout the runtime. So much so that eventually, dialogues feel like a short narrative summary of an entire subplot or emotional journey that the characters were supposed to take.

      The film begins with Thor or more like a comic version of Thor on one of his adventures with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. There he finds out that most of the Gods around the universe are being killed by someone who calls himself The God Butcher. On finding an unexplained distress signal from Siff, an Asgardian warrior, Thor rushes to her aid. There he finds out that Gorr is on his way to New Asgard, so he returns to Earth.

      natalie portman

      Meanwhile, Dr Jane Foster who has written a book, saved lives, and helped science in "some way", finds out she has stage 4 cancer. While getting chemo therapy she continues her own research to beat the disease, but she hears Mjolnir calling to her. Hence, finding her way to the power of Mighty Thor and becoming the God Of Thunder herself. But unfortunately, Jane foster remains a plot point for the male superhero character Thor, like she always was. She gets a few heroic moments but the messy plot keeps fans from enjoying it, or truly appreciating the one real female human character MCU had to offer.

      From Thor's perspective, Jane had also been about his character development and the film begins with Thor being lost and finding his love back in Jane. She only represents the loss he has to endure to become better. Coincidentally, Thor in the film also accepts it saying that he wasn't worthy of Mjolnir when they first met, she made him worthy. The film also took away from her the power of being worthy to lift the hammer when a scene shows Thor asking Mjolnir to take care of her when he isn't around.

      Moreover, the plot remains chaotic. In a genre where timing is everything, Thor: Love and Thunder misses on a lot of it, from any real moments that characters should have shared to jokes that don't quite land. For most of the first half, the plot, film and characters are distant from each other. The makers heavily rely on narration as they scramble to make the second half more sensible.

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      The second half of the film had beautiful cinematography and a few redeeming moments but by then, it's too late. Kids on the other hand could have fun watching characters of their own age take the forefront in a fight sequence. Christian Bale's Gorr is the only actor and character in the film who seems real and takes himself seriously. Throughout the run time, he continues to evoke empathy despite being the bad guy, when the good guys end up behaving like a joke. This phase in Thor's arc is disappointing not only as a God in MCU, but also as a beloved character for the MCU fans.

      Overall, Thor: Love And Thunder which was supposed to be the MCU redeeming movie, disappoints. The film has a great concept piggybacking Thor: Ragnarok but it is not easy to recreate. Taika keeps the heart up with good intentions but lets down his own characters.

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