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    Exclusive! Tusshar Kapoor On His Son Laksshya: He Is The One Who Brought Our Family Together

    By Madhuri

    Tusshar Kapoor broke many paradigms laid down by the society and inspired many people when he became a single parent by choice via surrogacy to Laksshya. The toddler turned two this June and Tusshar admits that he is a hands-on parent and loves every single bit of this relationship.

    Giving an insight into how his equation with Laksshya has changed ever since his birth, Tusshar exclusively spoke to talking about how his life has evolved because of his son, his reaction if Laksshya decides to join the film industry when he grows up and much more.

    Excerpts from the conversation are as below.

    Tusshar On How His Bond With Laksshya Has Evolved In Two Years

    The actor told Filmibeat, "I think I have grown to understand human beings and value emotions more. I have seen his growth. The happiness that I see in him, his interactions and confidence just shows that children grasp so much. They are so sharp and sensitive, It has made me aware that the first few years of your life can be the most important ones. It's just changed me in that sense."

    'Having A Child Makes You More Sensitive Towards The World'

    "I don't see people now as good or bad, well behaved or not. Everything has layers to it and comes with a reason. Everybody has a history and their own demons. Having a child makes you more sensitive towards the world."

    'Tabu Would Indulge In Play Dates With Laksshya'

    Tusshar revealed, " He just accompanied me on the outdoor shoot of Golmaal Again. I think he was just one then. He was not really brought to the sets. I was always advised not to bring him on sets because of the harsh lights. It was pleasure to have him though in Hyderabad. The other actors especially Tabu would always come and indulge in play dates with him. But, other than that, I think he is yet to understand what shoots are all about."

    Tusshar Kapoor On The Constant Spotlight On Star Kids In Today's Times

    "It's okay as long as they (star kids) are made to believe that this is not who they are and that this is the reflected glory of their parents. As long as they are made to realize while growing up that it's doesn't define them and they have to make their own life, then it's fine. If they are made to not take this very seriously, they will grow up as normal human beings."

    Does He Fear For Laksshya Getting Papped?

    To this, Tusshar said, "It's not cool to get out of the car and run inside the building fearing the paparazzi outside and avoiding them, so that your child doesn't get exposed to them. He (Laksshya) should be aware of who his family is, what's his father's profession is and what it entails. What should be normal is what is spoken to him at home. The paparazzi can't change a child's mental makeup. Parents do that and it's their upbringing that matters. The paparazzi are just doing their jobs. If Laksshya sees it as that, he will be able to rationalize it as he grows up."

    Will Tusshar Be Okay If Lakshhya Decides To Join Showbiz When He Grows Up?

    The actor confesses, "Of course, I will be okay with it. But, he has to be clear about that. He can't enter the showbiz because I am a part of it. He has to make his own decisions and be clear about it. He needs to feel that it's his inner voice. Because only then will he able to go through whatever he has to for this profession. You just can't decide one day that you want to be an actor because it's inherited. I want to give Laksshya the education wherein he opens his mind to be able to figure out who he really is."

    Ekta Is Like, 'Even If I Have Kids Someday, Laksshya Will Always Be My First Born'

    Speaking about his sister Ekta Kapoor's bond with Laksshya, Tusshar added, " Ekta is a very family oriented person. She's always catching the moment, clicking pictures. She is a more expressive person in that sense. She sees Laksshya as her first-born too. She's like even if I have kids someday. he will always be my first born. She sees him as someone special. She always felt that he is the one who brought our family together. He is the center of our family. Ekta is quite taken in with this new member and is definitely very close to him."

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