IFFI 2019: Exclusive Interview With Kannada Actress Rashmika Mandanna (Watch Video)


    Rashmika Mandanna, the resident 'Kodava Beauty' of Kannada cinema, attended the recently held 50th edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2019 in Goa, giving her die-hard fans a reason to rejoice. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Shweta Parande, Managing Editor, Filmibeat, actress Rashmika Mandanna spoke about her IFFI 2019 experience, her forthcoming films, and dealing with online trolling. She also had a special message for her loyal fans on Filmibeat. Read excerpts from the chat and watch the full video.

    IFFI 2019: Exclusive Interview With Kannada Actress Rashmika Mandanna

    How was the experience of attending IFFI 2019?

    It's been an amazing experience. I came here to learn and witness everything. I will take something back home.

    Was this your first time at a film festival?

    This was the first time. I did not really know how things happen and what to talk about but it was comfortable. I think, I will come back here next year.

    How do you deal with trolls who say nasty things about you? And we know you deal with it...

    I am still a baby at it and take in everything. I was talking to Nithya Menen and she said that 'It will pass'. A lot of my co-stars have also told me 'Bro, it'll pass', so I am waiting for it to pass.

    But you hit back...

    After a long time, we (actors) have found our voice. Now, I have the confidence to react if someone says something about my personal life. Initially, I thought people need to know all of me but then I think the more mystery there is, the more fun it is.

    What kind of roles do you look forward to doing?

    I want roles which make me go 'Dude, I did this!' Till now, I was learning but now I think I have learnt quite a bit and need to be like 'this is what I want to give'.

    Are there any directors or actors you look forward to working with?

    It is the films that I look forward to. I want to be a part of the stories directors create.

    How do you prepare for your roles? Is there a process?

    I love it when the team takes me in and makes me feel like a family. I have been a part of two such films in my career.

    Which were these films?

    (Laughs) Oh, no no no! Don't try to get names out of me, as I have learnt my lesson.

    Who are the actresses you look up to?

    Again, I am not going to bring up names. However, I just watched a movie and told my manager 'Dude! That is bl**dy brilliant! Why am I not doing that?'

    Any message for Filmibeat viewers and readers?

    I watch Filmibeat updates myself, so I am one of you.

    Rashmika gives a special heart sign for her fans on Filmibeat! Watch the video for the full interview.

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