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29 Apr 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: April 29, 2016 03:52 PM IST

The Big Day for Power Star Puneet Rajkumar's fans, who were eagerly waiting to see the actor on screen after one year. The much hyped movie Chakravyuha has got a grand opening all over the state and running into packed houses.

Chakravyuha stars Puneeth Rajkumar and Rachita Ram in the lead roles. Tamil actor Arun Vijay has played the role of bad man in the film. It has Shanmuga Sundaram's cinematography, S. Thaman's music and M. Subarak's editing.

Director M Saravanan is inspired by an infamous real-life incident. The crisis takes the central stage after the college atmosphere turns violent with the murders of three students. Media focusses the issue and starts debate on the same.

Lohit (Puneeth Rajkumar), a common man, decides to fight for the cause and to punish the law minister. On the other end, he falls in love with Rachita Ram. But baddies kidnap her. How he fights the injustice? Will he be able to save his girlfriend? You should watch the movie to get answers to all the questions. Director Saravanan has tried hard to write a screenplay to churn out a message-oriented movie with commercial ingredients.

His screenplay manages to win audience appreciation for his attempt. Though there are minus points in the narration, well-written scenes and dialogues effortlessly make audience sit till the end. If you compare the first and the second halves, the latter part is more engaging than the former. But let me warn you, there are times when you would feel like the director is beating around the bush! But the quality of the overall product make us to forget all those flaws in the storyline.

The drawback of the movie is that the story is predictable in the later half of the film. In the end, it turns out to become a routine fight of a baddie and a hero. The love story portions isn't engaging due to repetitive scenes.

Puneeth Rajkumar has done his best in all aspects whether in Dance, comedy, Action or sentiment. His role in the film is brilliant and he has done complete justice to it.

Rachita Ram has not got a bigger role in the movie, but she is bubbly and innocent and makes the best out of her limited role.

Arun vijay impresses audience in the role of a baddie. His Characterization is the highlight of the movie.

Tech Departments
Thaman's "Geleya Geleya" and "Yenaithu" songs are good. His background score intensifies the proceedings. Shanmuga Sundaram's cinematography is praise worthy, but editor M. Subarak could have removed some dragging scenes to give a better look to the film.

Overall, Puneeth Rajkumar is back with Bang and The main highlights of the movie will be action scenes, and the film has turned out to be fairly different kind of action movie with social message.

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