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29 Jun 2012
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The 11 members of a crime gang have been caught and being tortured by cops. The leader of the pack admits their brutalities and answers why they always slit throats rather than stabbing or killing in other fashion. Wonder why? The pleasure of hearing the 'hiss' sound when cutting the throats make them to kill in the same way every time. This is the opening scene of the Dandupalya and tells straight way that it is not for a lily-livered.

Dandupalya is the infamous crime gang that spread terror in and around Bangalore by slitting the throats of women and the aged before raping and robbing them in late 90s. Director Srinivasa Raju has tried to bring their barbarous acts on-screen. A group of men, mainly from Dandupalya, enters the city and makes the city to live under fear. Their approach is simple: a woman (played by Pooja Gandhi) from the gang finds a right house for the robbery where lone or elderly reside and visits the house asking for water.

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