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Audience Review

Release Date

24 Sep 2010
By : Abhi

On : 2010-09-24 16:57:11

Banner - Namana Films.
Genre - Action Romance.
Cast – Ajith, Reema Vora, Giri, Vishwa, Deepak
Cinematography – MR Seenu,
Music – Arjun.
Producer – Anaji Nagaraj.
Direction – Vijay.
Movie Rating - 3/5

Background: Debutant Director Vijay worked in the camp of hat trick director Prem for a long time it is different. He knows how to hold the audience attention and he is not that exemplary at the same time. He is above average and routine lousy scenes are what at places make this film go weak.Gubbi (Sparrow) would have risen to the size of elephant. There are a few good tunes, the hero Patre Ajith is the mainstay of the movie and cinematography is also pleasant. Before interval the trimming and long flashback is what depressing.

Gautham (Patre Ajith) is looking for his childhood day’s friend Sahana (Reema Vora) in the big Bangalore after he finds a some clue at one day in function. That is Sahana signature. That is only one clue to trace her. In a series of places Gautham finds the same signature and is confident that Sahana is in Bangalore. Sahana changes her name to Ramya because of astrological predictions in her young age. After some day he makes further search and confirm that Ramya with whom he is acquainted so far in the college and other places is none other than Sahana. One day Gautham comes in a high speed to meet Ramya who is Sahana but a tragedy strike

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