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09 Dec 2011
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S Narayan's Shyloo is a remake of Tamil superhit film Mynaa. The romantic drama has a strong subject backed with some excellent performances by Ganesh, Bhama and Rangarayana Raghu. Thought the slow narration might bore at times, the beautiful locations and a few songs give you the pleasure ride.

Having lost his mother at his very young age, Manja (Ganesh) finds his love in Shyloo (Bhama) - who was being thrown out of her house along with her mother Muniyamma - when he sees her for the first time. The young and illiterate lad gives his helping hand for the poor family and strives hard to make his sweetheart happy. He takes responsibility of her schooling and bares all the expenses of them. As the times passes by their love grows and her mother remains unaware of their love.

However, the fate has something unexpected for the young couple when they reach adolescence, as Muniyamma turns wicked minded and arranges her daughter's marriage with another boy. From here, the story takes deviation after he attacks Muniyamma and finds himself in a jail. During this period, she arranges her daughter’s marriage. On the other end, Manja, who was serving 30-day sentence, escapes from the jail. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

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