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Dr.Raj generations punyakoti

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JPerhaps the right observer of Dr.Rajkumar contribution to this state is Dr.Baraguru Ramachandrappa. From one speech to another his analysis on Dr.Rajkumar indefatigable contribution is different with anecdotes. We have to live in Nenapina Nanda Deepa. Like how Dr.Raj lived in his memories of his early life in village his concern towards the people and state, now we have to live in Dr.Rajkumar memories said Baraguru for thunderous applause. Dr.Rajkumar has grown beyond cinema. For me Dr.Rajkumar is nothing but Halligadina Atmavishwasa - immensely confident villager. He was a 'Maha Manava' - great human being. Dr.Raj is given the status of God then topic of exploration surface. The intervention of priest also comes up. Because Dr.Rajkumar always considered good nature is God (Ollethanave Devaru).

In his address at 'Abhimanigala Devaru' - how Dr.Rajkumar Samadhi turned as Temple - book release function at Greeen House restaurant on Tuesday evening Dr.Baraguru calls Dr.Rajkumar as 'Generations Punyakoti'. He did not lash at anyone from any quarters like 'Punyakoti'. Like how the tale of 'Punyakoti' - the holy cow agreed to become the meat of Vyagra (tiger) and returned back on promise - Dr.Raj did the similar act when he was in captivity of Veerappan. He had the daringness to ask Veerappan to shoot him not the other three with him and not torture the people of Karnataka.

Dr.Rajkumar grown up to become a peerless personality because he did not care for socio, economic and physical (Samajika, Arthika and Bowthika) strength - that is the height of his humanity and his heart was as clean as his white costume he was wearing in public and personal life said Bagaruru.

In the entire country no one can achieve so much of importance after death like Dr.Raj achieved. This is not an appreciation but truth. When the Math leaders are not ready to have uniform meal with everyone together Dr.Rajkumar believed in eating together (Saha Pankthi Bhojana). When a person is clear and clean in his thoughts then only he becomes darling of masses like Dr.Rajkumar he opined.

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