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Jaggesh politically correct

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Actor Jaggesh, who has taken some crucial decisions in his political career, has been receiving lot of criticism for his actions. Having won the recent assembly elections on a Congress ticket from the Turuvekere constituency, the actor has now crossed over to the ruling BJP, which has received lot of criticism from many people. There has been widespread protests in his constituency and his effigy has been burnt. Jaggesh who was not available for the film press all these days since the controversy had erupted spent some time with his media friends to explain why he had to take some steps.

"My conscience is clear. Many people are attributing motives about why I crossed over to BJP after having won the election from the Congress Party. And people are telling that I have resigned the Assembly seat because I got lot of money and was promised power from BJP. I am really not concerned about the criticism and I know who are behind the smear campaign against me. In fact these were the people who tried their level best to scuttle my chances of getting an Assembly ticket from my constituency. And they do not have any moral right to criticise me. I can stand up and make many charges on them. I have proof of what games these people had played against me and I am prepared to expose them shortly," said Jaggesh.

Jaggesh said that he has joined the BJP without any expectations, "Even Chief Minister Yediyurappa sir was appreciative that I was joining the party without looking for gains," said Jaggesh.

Finally Jaggesh said that when he would like to sleep in the night he had to sleep peacefully. "My conscience is clear and when I sleep in the night I am getting sound sleep because I have not done anything wrong," says Jaggesh.

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