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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1242

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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NRK pretends like falling down from heart attack.All the reports are shocked to see him falling down while talking about Jakayi Janardhan joining Hosamane. All the reports help to take him to the hospital. Megha tries to talk to Gokaki Govindayya. He says, "Jakayi Janardhan's changing the party is the reason for all the problems." He walks away with an unclear statement.

Hosamane says Ramrao Nayak that Jakayi Janardhan has disappeared. They wonder about why he disappeared. Hosamane tries to call him over phone. Meanwhile Ramrao Nayak receives a call and comes to know about NRK's heart attack. He informs it to every one, who are astonished to hear it. But Hosamane has done a drama before the press people to bag their mercy.

Megha and Nandgudi are waiting for Jakayi in the hospital corridor. Jakayi comes there with Gokaki. Megha tries to asks him few questions to him. He replies wisely to her questions and walks away. Meanwhile Nandgudi tells Megha that she has another special news. Sukanya is the reason behind NRK's heart attack. She is unable to digest the news.

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