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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1248

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Lalitanandamayi seems scared after she overhears the conversation between Ranganath and Hosamane.

Responding to Hosamane's Sadhana Yatra affair, Sukanya says that there is no need to afraid of barking dogs. Meanwhile, Doddaguni and Sargoor come to Sukanya with more information about Hosamane's Sadhana Yatra. They reveal that the main intention of Sadhana Yatra is to the ruin the status of Sukanya and insult her before the public. She is baffled after listening Hosamane's plan.

Doddaguni insists to give a proper reply to Hosamane. Sukanya denies to do so. She says if they keep quit while Hosamane is playing all those dirty tricks against her, he will be definitely irritated, which will benefit them a lot. But Doddaguni and Sargoor explain how Hosamane may misuse their silence. So she say, "Then let's find a new way to fight this battle."

Lalitanandamayi reveals Sudhindra that instead of sending him to Brindavana, Ranganath and Hosamane are planning to push him to burning furnace. Sudhindra is shocked as to know what will happen next.

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