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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1253

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Ranganath is frightened after seeing Hosamane talking to Lalitanandamayi secretly.

Lalitanandamayi asks Hosamane whether all his promises will come true. He assures her that all his words will come in action soon. He asks her to clean the Ashram first and create a healthy atmosphere then everything will be right. She leaves happily. Now Ranganath says that he has said yes to all her demands. He asks Hosamane what he has to do from the next day. Hosamane says that a wise politician's duty is to serve the needs of his supporter and get his work done. Telling this to Ranganath, he goes to see Sudhindra. Lalitanandamayi asks Pategara whether Hosamane will live up to his words. Pategara starts telling his ideology.

Hosamane talks to Sudhindra and tries to create new desires in his mind. He also says if he follows his words all his desires will be fulfilled. Sudhindra is all happy. While Hosamane comes out and is ready to leave, Ranganath meets him again and says that both Lalita and Sudhindra will become a trouble for him. Hosamane convinces him of what will happen next and how he can be benefited by it. Meanwhile Lalita, who is listening to them tells Pategara that they are going to them. She decides to find way to fulfill her desires.

Poorvi meets Bhaktanachiketa and apologises to him. But he says that he feels like holding her neck and throw her out. Poorvi is scared.

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