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Serial Naku Tanti - Episode 1229

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B Suresh directed Kannada TV serial 'Naku Tanti' deals with Megha's hope to bring back Sudhindra today. Here is the highlight of the episode 1229. Ranganath once again locks up Sudhindra in the room for not following his words. Mahamate is afraid of her delayed acquisition of Peetha.

Angry Megha dragging Kalyani towards home tells her that her husband is coming back and is going to stay with her. But Kalyani is afraid whether Ranganath will not leave Sudhindra. Megha says that she herself will go and bring back Sudhindra by hook or crook. It is her responsibility and does not want Kalyani to weep over the matter forever.

Byadaralli Shivappa and Sargoor Sanjeevmurthy meet at Sukanya Sardesai's house. They say that the people from Naguvinalli Ramkumar's party do not listen to his words in the Samyuka Party meeting. It is said that Jaakayi Janardhana, who opposed him, has got the support of Hosmane Sadananda. Sukanya says that they should do something otherwise Hosmane Sadananda will overtake them.

Ranganath comes to meet Hosmane Sadananda and he chides Ranganath for letting Megha to enter the Ashrama. Ranganath says that his lover Lalitanandamayi is the reason for letting her in. He says that he wants to bring some new person to the Peetha but she does not leave him. He wants to finish her. Sadananda declines his idea for his physical pleasure. Ranganath is dumbfounded to hear this.

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