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Serial Naku Tanti - Episode 1232

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Poorvi requests Nandita to organise Chaitrotsava, but Nandita refuses her and says until her son Nikhil comes back home, she can not help her. Poorvi does not understand what to do at the moment.

Naguvinalli Ramkumar gets frightened by seeing the photo of Jakayi Janardhana and the reports of Jakayi become next CM. He discusses this matter seriously with Gokaki Govindan. He gets phone calls from Janshakti party. His hands tremble with fear. He can not receive the call and reply to the questions of Sukanya and Byadarhalli Shivappa. He becomes helpless before them. Byadarhalli asks Sukanya what is her next plan. She says that Hosamane is trying to bring in many people to trap her. But she promises to use the same people to teach him a good lesson.

Megha now comes to meet Nandgudi and his friends. She aks them to organising Chaitrotsava in her channel. They deny her stating that their friend Nikhil had once tried to organise such function and was shot. They advise her not to organise such a function. But she reveals the reasons why they should do it and insists them to organise it. Nandgudi says that he will resign, if she wants to use the channel to popularise a family. When she asks whether he does mind Poorvi's death, he becomes speechless.

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