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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1256

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Megha is inspired by the life history of Krishnakumari. She expresses her desire to pen a book on her. But Sukanya suggests her to interview her first and later she can write a book on her. Megha agrees to take her interview, which makes Sukanya very happy.

Hosamane calls Ranganath over phone, while he is sleeping. He suggests him to start communal clash in order to retain the image of the Ashram. Ranganath is surprised. Hosamane teaches him how to cook rice at the Ashram when village is burning under fire. Ranganath requests him to let him have little time to prepare for the things. Hosamane assures to help him in his preparation.

Nandita is angry with Poorvi, who is busy with the dance practice. Nandita condemns her behaviour with Bhaktanachiketa. But Poorvi argues her saying that whatever he said was against the theory. Nandita convinces her that all the theories are made by some unknown people. She accuses her that she is becoming more and more haughty, which is not good for her future.

Hosamane calls Megha over phone, while she and Nandgudi are getting ready to interview Krishnakumari. He says that the police men are coming to arrest her. She is dumbfounded.


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