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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1268

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Ramrao Nayak is shocked to hear the death news of NRK. Hosamane, who has lent money to NRK, is worried that he would not get the money back. Ramrao pacifies him. Both of them get ready to attended the funeral.

Large number of people are gathered at the funeral ceremony of NRK. Jakayi Janardhan seems nervous to answer Gokaki Govindayya. Meanwhile, Sukanya and Byadarhalli come there and pay their regards. They turn to console NRK's wife, when Hosamane, Davangere and Ramrao Naik are attacked by a group of people, who shout against them. Sukanya, who witnesses the incident, is very happy.

When Hosamane and his teammates escape from the people, media people attack them. He replies wisely to all their question. Meanwhile Gokaki holds his neck and threatens him. The police enter and cool down the situation. They pay their condolences and turn back to NRK's wife, when they are again attacked. After escaping from every one, they face Sukanya and her team. The real fight starts here.

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