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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1313

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Hosamane's goons come to see Bhakta, who is disguised as a doctor, walking out with the papers in his hands. They are shocked. They call Hosamane over phone immediately and keep him informed about the incident. He tells them what they have to do next. Later Kavita Bailhongal tells him that the people from NTV are trying to interview Shyamala. He looks very upset after hearing this.

Hosamane himself talks to Megha. He asks her why she has been chasing Shyamala. She digs out all old issues and starts commenting on it. Now he turns furious, but he is not in a condition to quarrel with her. He thinks that he should be careful about the people like Megha.

Seeing Kalyani coming home alone, her mother-in-law asks her why she has not brought Fatima's baby. Kalyani replies her that she will kill that baby if she brings it home. She also says that her faith in casteism has finished the story of Shankra and Fatima. She does not want the same to happen with the baby also. However her mother-in-law says that she has already told the goons not to come again. Kalyani argues her that the people, who know that they will get money, will never stop coming here. They may kill Fatima's baby this time. Her mother-in-law stands unanswered.

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