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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1315

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Kalyani gets ready to go to police station to get the agreement signed by the goons. Her mother-in-law asks her to bring the baby with a celebration. She promises to learn some lullabies for the baby.

Poorvi and Nandita go to the hospital to meet Bhakta. He tells them that he has collected all required information and proof to save Poorvi. Showing all the proofs, he says that the the girl, who was admitted to the hospital after Poorvi scolded her, is an orphan and has been suffering from inferiority complexity right from the beginning. It is Hosamane, who has misused her to give a bad publicity about Poorvi. He also says that it is his goons, who have thrashed him badly. Poorvi turns furious.

Kalyani brings Fatima's daughter to the house. Her mother-in-law tries to impress everyone by showing her affection to the baby. She tells Mithra that seeing the baby she has forgotten all her worries. But Kalyani is still worried about what new trouble is waiting for the baby.

Hosamane Sadananda is reciting poems with his personal secretary Kavita Bailhongal when he comes to know that Poorvi has come to meet him. He is very happy. He sends out Kavita and welcomes Poorvi inside. As she enters the room, the door is closed making a loud noise. She is scared.....................

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