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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1322

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Poorvi says that she will talk to the protesters. But Nandita stops her telling that they will not listen to her. Poorvi sits down brooding over what to do.

Nandita calls Sukanya over the phone and informs her about the incident that is happening in front of Poorvi's house. Shocked Sukanya asks her who are the protesters. She replies that she is not able to recognise them. Sukanya asks her for little time to think over the matter.

Sukanya calls Megha over phone and informs her about the riot that is happening before Poorvi's house. Megha says that she herself will go there and resolve the problem. On the other side, Nandita tries to talk to the protesters to pacify them. But they ask Poorvi to come out for they want to finish of her. Nandita is speechless.

Nandita is worried about the cameras those are waiting for Poorvi. Poorvi calls Megha over phone and requests her to come immediately. In turn, she tries to encourage her and says that she is coming soon.

Hosamane's men come to him and inform him that everything is going on as he has wished. He is very happy and thinks that things, which he had lost, are coming back to his hands again now.

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