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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1323

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Hosamane's men inform him that everything is going on as he has wished. He is very happy and thinks that things, which he had lost, are coming back to his hands again now.

Police Inspector Rajachari tries to calm down the protesters, but fails to do so. Meanwhile, Megha enters the scene. Knowing the situation very well, She takes him into Poorvi's home. Poorvi asks her what is her next action to calm down the situation. Megha says that arresting her will be the only way. Poorvi is shocked.........

Megha reveals her plan, when Poorvi opposes her action. She says that arresting her will be the right way to cool down the situation. Police Inspector Rajachari arrests her and takes her out. Seeing Poorvi wearing hand-cups, the protesters starts shouting in jubilation and move away from the scene.

Hosamane is shocked as he learns the news of Poorvi's arrest. But Kavita Bailhongal explains him the benefits from the arrest. She also reveals him that he can close Megha and Sukanya's mouth with this issue.

Sukanya is sad and she expresses her helplessness to Nandita, who blames her that she has never let her daughter Poorvi to be happy. Nandita says that telling the truth to Hosamane is the only way to save Poorvi. Sukanya is shocked...........................

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