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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1324

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Sukanya is sad and she expresses her helplessness to Nandita, who blames her that she has never let her daughter Poorvi to be happy. She says that telling the truth to Hosamane is the only way to save Poorvi. Shocked Sukanya goes forward to slap her, but stops. Nandita says that all the politicians are the same and she is also not different from her husband. Sukanya leaves the place saying that she will save her daughter by hook or crook.

Megha is busy discussing Poorvi's problem with Bhakta, when lawyer Champavati comes there. She says that letting Poorvi to be arrested is the biggest mistake, because the police officer, who is handling the case, is a staunch supporter of Hosamane. Megha is shocked...................

Hosamane visits the Ashram, where he finds Ranganath in deep sleep. He tries to wake him up by tapping him, but can not. He feels that the Ashram has got some serious problem. Ranganath says that his fancy for woman has landed the Ashram at the trouble. Hosamane is shocked. Ranganath suggests him a new way to catch Lalitanandamayi. Hosamane starts preparing his men to follow the new way to catch her.

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