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Serial Naaku Tanti - Episode 1326

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Mithra visits Kalyani's home and he tries to find out the reasons for Lalitanandamayi fleeing from the Ashram and taking shelter at her home. Lalita says that she has been cheated by the greedy men. When Mithra asks why she is still wearing crimson dress. She stumbles and tries to reply.

Lalita starts revealing her history. She says that she has been trapped by Hosamane and he has made her wear crimson clothes. She begs Kalyani and Mithra to protect her. If they protect her, she assures to get Sudhindra released from Ranganath's clutches. Mithra talks to Kalyani something secretly and then suggests Lalita to go along with her to a particular place. Lalita is scared as not knowing whose place they are taking her to.

Megha meets Sukanya and reveals her that it is difficult to get Poorvi released. She says that although the inspector is their candidate, the higher authority, who has filed FIR, is Hosamane's candidate. When Sukanya asks her about the judge in the court, she says that he is also Hosamane's candidate, who often goes to his music concerts. Sukanya is shocked...........

Sukanya weeps bitterly for not getting released her daughter. Megha struggles hard to consoles her. She says that her daughter is going thin with increased number of worries day by day. Megha decides to find some other to get Poorvi released, but Sukanya asks her to wait and see the lawyer's efforts in the court. She says, "If nothing comes out at the court, let's find a way."

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