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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1329

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Megha and Mithra go to jail to meet Poorvi and she says that their intention was to see her in that condition. She further says that she should have dead instead of meeting such a bad consequence. She scolds them when they try to defend their stand. Megha assures her to get her released from the jail and she reveals her attempts. She believes her and decides to wait and see.

Lalitanandamayi is revealing her history to Skanya. She reveals how, where and when she came across Hosamane. She reveals all Hosamane's tricks that he used to trap her. She says that now he has spoiled her life by killing all her hopes.

Kavita Bailhongal comes to Kalyani's house, where she finds her mother-in-law. She says that she is Lalita's mother and she has come in search of her daughter, who has run away from her home. Creating a cock and bull story, she weeps bitterly. Kalyani's mother-in-law is baffled.........

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